Reactions to 9/11

            It was one of the first days of Kindergarten and it was just like any other day. Going to school, learning about the letters, sleeping during nap-time, the usual lifestyle of a Kindergartener. But, it was actually the worst terrorist attack that the United States of America has ever seen. the New Yorkers’ morning was just as normal as mine was. Then it happened. A plane flew and crashed right into one of the twin towers. Then minutes later, another plane flew right into the other twin tower. Once the second one crashed, we knew it wasn’t an accident. The president at the time, George W. Bush promised that he was going to find the people responsible and start a “War on Terror”. And then, a third plane crashed into the Pentagon, the nation’s main military facility. In addition to these three attacks, an additional plane was set to crash into the White House in Washington D.C., but thanks to the heroes on that flight knowing that they were going to take that plane and crash into something else, they were able to stop the hijackers although they ended crashing in a field in Pennsylvania. If it wasn’t for them, the plane might have killed thousands of other people besides themselves.

              I do not remember that much of what happened on September 11th, 2001 very well. I barely even remember seeing the Twin Towers other than pictures years later. All that I really remember was my mom picking me up at school very upset and seeing the horrible event on the television. People running and smoke consuming everything in its path. I also remember my mom telling me what happened as she picked me up from school. Other than that, I do not really remember anything about that day since I was only five years old. My reaction to all of this was why would anyone want to kill themself and kill thousands of people by hijacking a plane and crashing it into crowded areas and landmarks. I felt very sorrowful too since so many people died in the attacks. In addition, I was shocked too because one of my friends from pre-school’s mother worked at the World Trade Center and only survived because she was late to work that day.

          During the weeks before the attack during the summer, I went to New York City and saw the enormous Twin Towers sticking out of the skyline. I even have a picture of me standing at the Liberty Science Center with the Twin Towers behind me that was taken less than a week before the September eleventh attack.  I share the reactions that everyone else in this country felt on this tragic day. Overall, the September eleventh attacks were the worst terrorist attacks ever in the history of the United States of America.

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